Kick the Buddy Online Game


Kick the Buddy is a cool new game that will help you relieve stress and have a lot of fun making fun of the poor hero of the game. A big dose of adrenaline awaits you! The main character of the game will be a rag doll named Buddy. At first, your arsenal will only have one knife that you can throw at the doll. For every hit, you will earn money. They can be spent on cool new weapons. Earn a certain amount and you will be able to open not only a new rifle or flamethrower, but even a tank. This way, your punches and attacks will be even stronger and you will be able to earn a lot of money in a short time. They can be spent on accessories for the Buddy doll: a cap, steampunk glasses or cool headphones. Who is the creator of Kick The Buddy? Kick the Buddy was created by Playgendary Limited. They have also created the popular games Kick the Buddy Forever, Flip the Gun, Escape out Masters, and Tomb of the Mask.